Family Discussion

Me: Okay guys, we need to have a talk . . .

Jack Henry: Make it quick, I have a nap to take.

Hubble: I have a fly to catch.

Me: Alright, let me get to the point. What do you think about taking a brief hiatus from the blog? Not long–maybe a month or so . . .

Jack Henry: n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-my public! What will they do?

Hubble: Oh who cares about your big ol’ head anyway.

Me: Just think for a minute about something you might like to do in that time. Isn’t there something that you would like to try?

Jack and Hubble: hmmmmmm . . . .

Me: Okay. It’s settled, I will notify our WP friends that we will be taking a break through the month of May and early June, but we will be back all rested up and with more stories and adventures to share.

Hubble: Okay.

Jack: I’m still thinking . . .

Hubble: Stop or your head will explode.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Be tuff ! The “dog days” of summer can be wuff!”


For today: Dog Dreams

The Magic Show

Destination: Luau!

Destination: Luau!





A Simple Dog

simply posing . . .

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Dogs are the best example of a being who doesn’t need to lie to protect someone’s pride.”
― Ammiel Josiah Monterde

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For today: My Dog, Hubble

My Dog

My Dog

Black, White and a Dog

Hubble decided to help me with my set-up here using two chairs, available light and a very grey, overcast day.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“There is only one smartest dog in the world, and every boy has it.”

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For today: Waiting . . .


Tired Boy

Hubble in a quiet and contemplative mood-

Today’s Dog Quote:

You cannot share your life with a dog, as I had done in Bournemouth, or a cat, and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings.”

–Jane Goodall
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For today: XTreme Closeup of Small Dog
XTreme CloseUp

XTreme CloseUp

Up in the Air . . .

Junior Bird Dog!

(oh the joys of camp!)

Jack Henry and his “Whoooo are you” disguise-

Today’s Dog Quote:

“People teach their dogs to sit; it’s a trick. I’ve been sitting my whole life, and a dog has never looked at me as though he thought I was tricky.”

—Mitch Hedberg

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For today: Junior Bird Dog

Junior Bird Dog

Junior Bird Dog

Rainy Day Snooze

It’s rainy. It’s wet. It’s dark.

You know where to find me.

So says Jack Henry.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“We don’t need geography, dogs are our world.”


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For Today: Rainy Day

Rainy Day Snooze

Rainy Day Snooze

Easter Story

Hmm-looks like things are very busy for the Little Dogs Laughed Book and Lunch Club as they prepare for their Easter parade:

A Joyous Get-Together

A Joyous Get-Together

 Bunny: Okay everyone, listen up! We have a lot to do today!

A Quiet Conversation

A Quiet Conversation

Bear One: This is really going well! Bunny has done a great job of organizing everything.

Monkey: Absolutely-and the float will be wonderful! But where is you-know-who?

Bear Two: Shhhhh . . . if we are lucky he is back at the clubhouse waiting for book club to start.  And for lunch.

Awaiting Instructions

Awaiting Instructions

 Bunny: Okay, rabbits, now be sure and line up after the float, make sure your tails look nice and cottony . . . hey! what is all the commotion about?

A Stranger Appears

A Stranger Appears

Hubble: Why Halloooooo!

Bunny: Oh No! What are you doing here?

Hubble: Funny thing, Bunny. I went to our usual eating and reading place and there I was with my book and guess what? No one was there. Then I remembered the Easter Parade. You must have forgotten to tell me about it. So here I am. Where do you want me?

Bunny: (thinking) oh,oh, quick, think, think! Wait!

Image (22)

A Plan Develops 

Bunny: Okay Peeps, just trust me on this, okay?

Peep 1: He’s awfully big!

Peep 2: He has really BIG teeth!

Peep 3: I hope he has had his lunch!

A Spirited Discussion

A Spirited Discussion

Bunny: Hubble, I have a very special job for you.

Hubble: Okay . . . maybe  . . . does it involve eating?

Bunny: No, it most certainly does not. And take off those ears. Do rabbits really look like that? You scare me.

A Cautious Introduction

A Cautious Introduction

Bunny: Meet the Peeps!

Hubble: Well, hello chicks! I love chickens! Yum!

Peeps: He’s scaring us . . .

Bunny: Okay everybody, now just follow me . . . .

Giving the Audience What They  Want

Giving the Audience What They Want

Chicks: Read some more Hubble!

Hubble: Well, Finally! An Appreciative Audience . . . Okay, now Peter Rabbit decided to make an Easter egg sandwich . . .

Bunny: Oh Brother . . . .

Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings

To all our WordPress Friends: Happy Easter from Little Dogs Laughed!


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For today: An Easter Story

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