Last Friday came and went with no blog post.  It has been a long time since that happened and I do apologize. Between work and well, work, time just got away.

You can be sure I have been thoroughly scolded by Jack Henry and Hubble (Anna is much more laid back about these things.) Words like “don’t mess with my brand,” “people need me” and “I’m losing likes” dominated that conversation. I have tried to explain that sometimes work takes over-and as long as their food dishes are filled, they get their walks and tucked in at night-all is well. But you can imagine the “harrumphs” I heard.

For today, we are trying something a little different, courtesy of an app called Plotograph, which creates short animated clips of your photographs. If you go on Instagram, you can see some amazing examples of what people have been able to do. For our purposes, I kept it quite simple. Jack Henry looking around (or hiding) from a chalk figure bringing him flowers. I am definitely going to keep working with this-it was a lot of fun.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Name one development in the history of humankind that has increased happiness more than the domestication of dogs.”

–Aaron Easterly

Image a composite of iPhone 4s, 5s and 7 plus photographs, processed using iColorama, Leonardo, Snapseed and Plotagraph

For today: Movement

Solitude in Black and White

Something kind of quiet for today. This is a portrait of Hubble rendered in black and white. He has made himself look very small here, something he does when he is not sure of himself, especially after he has been scolded. (He was tormenting the birds and squirrels with his barking, while I was trying to write.) But all is well now.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.” 

-Lord Byron

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed using Snapseed, iColorama and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Solitude in Black and White

Solitude in Black and White


The Seekers

I have admitted more than once, that I often have no idea of what is going to end up as a final image. Lately, that feeling has been even more of a constant companion which is both frustrating and freeing, depending on my mood. Perhaps more than I realized (or even wanted to admit) the dogs have become surrogates for some of my life questions in the photographs posted here.

When an artist or a writer or anyone engaged in a creative endeavor runs out of steam, it can be a maddening process to try and sort through. What do I do now? What am I supposed to do now? And worse, what if nothing creative ever happens again? (That last thought is best reserved for sleepless 3 AM tossing and turning while the pups snore, softly oblivious.) It is a lament I have heard many times over in my head and from others. Yet, the wheel always comes around again with something new to pursue and another reminder that I am truly my own worst enemy.

That is roughly where I am now and so today’s image is about seeking–solace, renewal, rejuvenation, whatever is at the end of this particular quest. And who better to illustrate the journey than Master Hubble, accompanied by Sir William G. Bluffington as they set off on a new adventure. There are old and new elements in here–the background is an abstract of a neighbor’s painted sponged wall, along with some random scribbles made on a piece of paper, accompanied by a scrap of red striped fabric, an old window found in the back garage, a vintage red button,  a tumbling down brick chimney spotted near a river, random graffiti seen uptown, a black bird spotted in a field,a pennant sewn by one of the gallery artists for a piece she recently did,  and a piece of deer vertebrae found by some enterprising pup at the stables several autumns ago. All are images collected over the last few years waiting for their moment to be seen and to be a part of a story.

Today’s Dog Quote:

People always joke that ‘dog’ spells ‘god’ backwards. They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test.

–Linda Blair

Image a composite of photographs taken with an iPhone 4s, 5s and 7 and processed with Leonardo, iColorama, Snapseed, Distressed Fx, ReTouch, Pic-Tap-Go, LightBrush and Decim8.

For today: The Seekers

The Seekers

Just Not Bad Enough, I Guess

This image started out as a kind of a joke about what if “bad dogs” had a club, but soon became more about the idea of exclusion and the oh-so-arbitrary decisions around what or who is acceptable or not,

This idea dovetailed with a conversation I had earlier today in the gallery with a young woman who is trying to find her way as a photographer. Not only has she been told she does not have the right equipment, but that she is not taking pictures like she “should.” And the thing of it was what little she showed me demonstrated a promising eye and vision. I hope she continues to listen and trust herself. Too often we can get pushed off the path and it can become mighty hard to reclaim our place.

So what dog would make his way into the Bad Dog Club–why, the littlest man of the house-Hubble. Small in size he may be, but he has attitude to spare. Ask Jack Henry who has been on the wrong end when trying to boss Hubble around.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“I don’t understand people who don’t touch their pets. Their cat or dog is called a pet for a reason.”

– Jarod Kintz

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed using Snapseed, iColorama, Leonardo, Hipstamatic and Stackables

For today: Just Not Bad Enough I Guess

Just Not Bad Enough, I Guess

How Do You Do?!?

Back to basics this week.

This is a vintage wood pull-toy that was recently introduced to Master Hubble. He clearly does not quite know what to make of this newest resident to the household, but I am hoping that Master Giraffe will populate Hubble’s world soon.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed using iColorama, Snapseed and Stackables

For today: How Do You Do?!?

How Do You Do?!?


Miss Lola

A month or so ago I took on a commission of an artist’s dog, a miniature schnauzer, named Lola. It was a strange and enlightening experience working with someone else’s dog that was not family or close friends, and I was not sure how it would go. The dog was a love to work with–very easy going and willing to just sit and take it all in. My first efforts were more along the lines of what looked like high school senior portraits as you can see here-and it just did not feel or look right-

High School Lola

In a light-bulb moment, I realized that what I needed to do was what I would do with my own dogs and that is to find the right set of things/props and background that would fit.  And so off I went. This is what I ended up calling “Busy Bee Lola” because I found myself falling into the trap of “oh, let’s try just one more thing” which has doomed many a collage and composite effort-

Busy Bee Lola

Back to the drawing board. This time I pared back the elements, and although the artist/client liked it, she felt it more appropriate for the time when Lola was no longer with them-

Heavenly Lola

Back to the drawing board again-and I stripped everything down that I could. The client mentioned that Lola loves flowers so that gave me a starting point. Hubble has cornered the chicken market, so I went for a crow-and the pennant the crow is holding is from an installation art piece that the client had created the previous month. I really liked the pennant and took a picture of it, not knowing exactly what I would do, but I was happy to have had it. So, this is Lola’s finished portrait and I am hoping that the client will be pleased with it too. Would I do it again? At first, I thought not, but I am slowly coming around to the idea that it might not be such a bad idea. It forces you to stretch and look for things that you might not otherwise.

And so presenting Miss Lola-a composite image taken with iPhone 7 and processed using iColorama, Snapseed, Distressed Fx, Hipstamatic, and LightBrush-

Miss Lola

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”
Jonathan Safran Foer

And if you have gotten this far, this was the song dancing in my head throughout this entire time-

The Quest

Hubble has been very busy directing me on a new approach. Some of you may have seen this on Instagram, but I thought I would post it here too. Definitely an experimental approach, but one that I like. I am working more with Leonardo and using lots of layers. All of the images are mine and this has definitely pushed me to take pictures of the most seemingly random things to be utilized at a possible later date. But for today, here is Hubble on a quest.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.”
Emily Dickinson

Images taken with iPhone 5s and 7 and processed using Snapseed, Leonardo, iColorama and Hipstamatic

For today: The Quest

The Quest


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