Not Exactly Woolworths . . .

but this  iPhone app Pocketbooth is close enough to the old photo booths of my childhood. I told Anna she could do anything she wanted-but she seems to prefer the royal pose.

Today’s Dog Quote: 

“A dog is man’s best friend, and vice versa.”

For today: Miss Anna x 4

Anna x 4

Anna x 4


6 thoughts on “Not Exactly Woolworths . . .

  1. Extremely beautiful. In a series, black outline balances your subject perfectly well.
    I’ve been long wanting to ask you. Do you know of a guy name Jonas Mekas? I’m a big fan of his philosophy and many of your works reminds me of him.


    • Arjun, what a wonderful compliment; I am familiar with Mekas and his films-thank you so much for your thoughtful commentary-I so appreciate hearing your thoughts. It is interesting because in the last month I had to write an artist statement which was quite a challenge-but it made me realize that the everyday, the unnoticed, the small miracles are what I often look most forward to photographing. Be well, my friend.


    • Uday, thank you. Anna does well with Jack Henry, but Hubble tends to try and herd her in the yard–fortunately, she is very patient with him, even though at times he deserves to be barked at and put in his place. But she continues to adjust-thank you again for visiting 🙂


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