Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 4

Week 4 of the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge and this week’s challenge is: Cutouts-

For those interested in learning more about the challenge hosted by JX of and Meghan of firebonnet click here

I have to admit I struggled with this one-nothing I envisioned in my head really worked very well and I found it frustrating to work with the app Cut Me Out. Moldiv was a little easier to manage, but in trying to erase the cutout lines even Retouch was not a lot of help-so I got inventive and just bleached out the lines-perhaps cheating, but I got the effect I was looking for-in addition to Moldiv, I also used Snapseed, Pic-Tap-Go and Photo Toaster. 

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” 
― Mark Twain

For Today: Triple Threat

22 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 4

  1. your inventing came up trumps,. Meg, and of course, I’m in love again, with Hubble….. Triple threat Sigh!! melted my heart.. (I know, doesn’t take much, I’m a terrible soft touch!! 🙂 ) xxx


  2. What if you had three hubbles in real life instead of one?? It’s really cool how you captured him with the slightly diffeerent postures/expressions. The bleaching effect works well too 😉


    • Oh my, three Hubbles?! I do no think my mind could take it 😉 Thanks so much for looking JX-looking at the image today, I feel better about it than when I originally did it-thanks for the *push* to do something different!


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  4. I think it turned out marvelously! I too struggled with the extra brown around the cutout of Cooper (he was against a brown couch). It’s not like I have a lot of control with my finger on the iPhone screen! But at least he’s in a cup of coffee! lol The three different poses of Hubble worked really really well for creating the image and I think the bleaching worked great. Kudos!


    • Thanks so much Meghan-I know what you mean about *control* with the iPhone-it is one of the more frustrating aspects to doing processing-I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment-thank you so much!


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  6. Oh that is sweet! Triple threat…love it. Looks like triple the fun to me. Now I’m kinda wishing I had tried the “copy” part of the “cut-out” idea. Oh well, can still have plenty of fun now that I know how to do it. And I haven’t used Photo Toaster in a while, so will have to check it out again. Do tell me, though, exactly what you did to “bleach” out the lines. I cheated and took my final photo into Photoshop to blur the hard “cut-out” edge, but would love to know what others did. Having your subject against a solid background must have helped.


    • Thank you-I love PhotoToaster, it is the app I almost always use for my photos. I take a lot of my dog photos in a room that has strong off-white walls and natural light from windows. The dogs often sit on a piece of canvas or muslin that is close in color to the walls, so there is some uniformity in the background–it also helps when I process. For this image I used Rad Lab’s app Pic-Tap-Go and one of their filters to blow out the lines of the copies. I hope that makes sense-thanks so much for taking the time to comment-


      • Thanks so much for that info. I will check out Pic-Tap-Go and their filters. I do like the filter choices on PhotoToaster, just have not used them in awhile.


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