Then What Happened?

This month at Little Dogs Laughed we are celebrating Get Caught Reading Month and look what I found:

Hubble: “Go on, go on . . .”

Monkey: “So, George went back to waiting for the ice cream truck. He dreamed of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream bars.”

Hubble: “Where’s the ice cream?”

Monkey: “In the ice cream truck.”

Hubble: Let’s get some.”

Monkey: “We can’t–it’s a story Hubble–“

Hubble: “Then where’s the ice cream?”

Monkey: I don’t know.”

Hubble: “There’s pictures of ice cream in the book.”

Monkey: But it’s NOT real.”

Hubble: “If Curious George is getting ice cream, then I want ice cream too.”

Monkey: “Bunny was right. You are not easy to read to.”

Hubble: “Huh! Ask Bunny about the radishes. Now, where’s the ice cream?”


Today’s Dog Quote:

“Some things are unchangeably wild, others are stolidly tame. The tiger is wild, and the coyote, and the owl. I am tame, you are tame. There are wild things that have been altered, but only into a semblance of tameness, it is no real change. But the dog lives in both worlds.” 
― Mary Oliver, dog songs

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with PhotoToaster, Snapseed, Photo Retouch and Pic-Tap-Go

For Today: Curious Hubble Meets Curious George

Ice Cream Story

Ice Cream Story



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