Overheard . . .

We are still celebrating Get Caught Reading this month and . . . . uh-oh! There seems to be some dissension among the members of the Little Dogs Laughed Book and Lunch Club-



Hubble: okay, okay, here is the really good part . . .

Monkey: If it is the part about where Mr. Lunch is going to have lunch, we have heard it already-move on with the story! Besides I think you made that part up!



Hubble: But there is so much meaning and emotion here-

 Rabbit: I think this is a bunch of baloney . . .

No Baloney . . . but Cake!

No Baloney . . . but Cake!

Hubble: Baloney-hmm . .. nope, no baloney-there is cake though-

Animal Chatter

Animal Chatter

Bear: This is STUPID! Whose bright idea was it to let Hubble read this week?

Monkey: We took a vote and we thought if Hubble read, we would not get sidetracked.

Bear: That worked really well, didn’t it?

Rabbit: I have heard there is no such thing as a free lunch . . .

Bear: Clearly you are not a dog.

Little Dogs: H-e-e-y . . . . wait, should we be insulted?

Let's see . . . where were we?

Let’s see . . . where were we?

Hubble: AHEM. Now back to the story: “Mr. Lunch finished the cake . . . oh, that is so sad.”

Little Wolf: That is SO boring. Let’s go play!

Hubble: Yeah! First one out the door!

Bear: I’m reading next week!


Today’s Dog Quote:

“It’s the person who likes to pat dogs to whom dogs come for pats.” 
― Arthur Gordon, A Touch of Wonder

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed and PhotoToaster

For Today: A Spirited Discussion

23 thoughts on “Overheard . . .

    • I think in Hubble’s mind–if not offered free lunch, then make your own-which usually means stealing if off the table (which has happened) and yes, he and the monkey have tangled-I had to rescue the monkey-thank you for looking Maxwell!


    • Yes indeed! though I suspect it might be at best, a somewhat uneasy alliance–and actually I had to watch him pretty closely so that he did not make off with any of them-Thank you Annabelle, Millie and Pearl for visiting!


  1. wow, you had a lot of critters to wrangle in that photo shoot! You did a great job. How many times did Hubble have to get back up on the table? 😉 Truly, it is a great set of shots and fun story.


    • Thanks so much Meghan-it took a couple of hours to pull these together-as you can imagine, Hubble got bored quite quickly and so it took a bit of patience to get him to settle down throughout the shoot-but it all came together okay-thanks so much for visiting!


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