Baby Picture

I sometimes wonder what Jack Henry looked like as a puppy-he was probably about 5 months or so when my friend found him, running around near a railroad trestle. He was still clearly a pup, but not so little. And that head! It was huge-so big that he looked like a bobblehead when walked. 

As I was going through some older photographs, I found this one of Jack Henry and an almost empty cookie jar.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Sometimes I think I like dogs more than I like humans. The only time a dog has ever betrayed me… was by dying.”
― José N. Harris 

Image taken with Nikon D50 and processed with Photoshop

For today: Sad Boy

Sad Boy

Sad Boy



6 thoughts on “Baby Picture

  1. I wonder what Pippa looked like too. He was somewhere between two and four we guessed when we took him in, but he’s so big and furry (GSD/husky) he must have been a total ball of fluff as a pup. Snowy was chucked out at a few days old so we took him in when he was four or five weeks from the woman who originally rescued him. It was nice to have a pup again and those sleepless nights for the first couple of months seem long ago now.


    • I will bet that Pippa was a roly-poly ball of fur at that 🙂 I know the first 18 months with Jack Henry was very up and down-he has the distinction of being the most destructive dog I have ever owned. He chewed up everything and could not be crated. He broke out of two, including a sturdy airline crate used by my GSD. So yes, he was a handful everyday–thankfully, now it is only a few days a week 😉 Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment-


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