Oh dear–it is bath day for a certain little dog. Unfortunately (for Hubble) because of his size, he has the least to work with in terms of trying to escape. I was able to get this just before an attempt to leap out of the tub.

Today’s Dog Quote: 

You can’t have a pristine house with ten dogs, and I’d rather have the ten dogs.
—Glenn Greenwald

Hear, hear to that!

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Wet!




18 thoughts on “Wet!

  1. So, for cat families, there is a similar saying: If you can’t endure a little chaos, you don’t need cats! I laughed when I read the comment about ten dogs, and, yes, amen, I agree exactly.

    Our furry friends bring so much joy into our lives, the vicissitudes of their presence – baths, medicating them when they are sick, grooming, and, yes, their final days – are more than made up for by that joy.

    Love the photo!


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