Hubble and the Cloak of Darkness

When you are little dog, it is awfully hard to be taken seriously as scary.

Ask Hubble.

So in the spirit of Halloween and with the help of the little guy and a piece of black cloth (aka the Cloak of Darkness) I set out to create something that shows Hubble as his secret Halloween self. It also gave me an opportunity to just experiment with some apps in ways that I had not worked with before. I added the Halloween pumpkins to soften the lines and dark colors and I guess too, to soften the image a bit.

Hubble was not happy about that. He wanted zombies.

Today’s Dog Quote:

When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.
β€”Sara Paretsky

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Repix, Formulas and Jixi Pix Hallows Eve (an app that is ALL about Halloween)

For today: Hubble and the Cloak of Darkness

Hubble and the Cloak of Darkness

Hubble and the Cloak of Darkness



23 thoughts on “Hubble and the Cloak of Darkness

    • Hubble says, “well, okay. But Jack Henry smells too and he gets to stay in the house.” But Hubble is quite enamored of the title “Prince of Darkness” We will see how long that lasts-Thanks so much Annabelle and all!


    • Thank you Sally-it’s funny. Sometimes it just feels like a Jack Henry week and other times, it is a Hubble week or weeks. They are both so different to work with-though they both enjoy the camera. Thanks for taking a look!


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