Hubble and the Yellow Tulip

For a dog that likes to tear around in the backyard garden, Hubble is clearly nonplussed when it comes to dealing with nature indoors. He was not always like that, but lately, he almost acts as if getting near a flower isย  personal affront-flowers are meant to be torn out and trampled on or used as a launch pad-

Unlike Jack Henry who does take time to stop and smell the roses-

So Beautiful

Hubble clearly is not sure about having the vase in his personal space–

Hubble and Yellow Tulip

I like this image okay, but what I wish I had done was to step back more, like I did withย  the image below taken earlier in the week-there is something to me more pleasing to have more distance between the camera and the subject-but that is just me-what I do like is the more subtle tones of both. I have been wanting to use more muted colors and backgrounds as of late-

The Muse

Today’s Dog Quote:

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

– AD. Williams

Images taken with iPhone 5s and iPhone 7 Plus and processed using Snapseed, iColorama, and Stackables

For today: Hubble and the Yellow Tulip


19 thoughts on “Hubble and the Yellow Tulip

  1. Jack Henry is much like Azrael. I’ve done my best to raise her to be a conservation shepherd. Her sister, Tesla who passed away two years ago, was much like Hubble! Every flower I planted, Tesla had to dig up. I never could break her of it.

    Beautiful images, Meg!


    • Thank you Christena-it is funny how each has their own approach to the outside. I tend to put dog into one of two categories–the archaeologists and the developers. The archaeologists are the ones who cautiously explore and if they dig, they do so thoughtfully and carefully-the developers-well, I think you get the idea. I think with Hubble everything is a challenge and given his background, he tends to want to strike first. But that is getting a bit better. And good girl Azrael! I knew you were a smart cookie!


  2. I especially love, “Hubble and the Yellow Tulip”, of today’s three offerings. Good compositions follow the rules, great compositions break the rules and make something extraordinary. Placing the yellow almost in the center, is both brilliant and brave. Bam! You’ve drawn the viewer in and Hubble’s pose moves the eye around. All the beautiful texture of Hubble’s coat are like brush stokes, the cocked ear keeps the viewer on the subject, gently re-directing it back down and around again. It was only after looking at the whole piece, that I noticed the drama- Hubble’s eye on the tulip. Incredible.Thanks for sharing your work.


    • Thank you so much Maureen for your comment-It made my day! Working with the dogs definitely makes you stop and take in the moment/moments to watch as they interact with whatever is going on-I have learned so much from them as a photographer, artist and human bean. Appreciate you looking as always!!


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