The Dog and An Apple

Once upon a time, there was a dog, an apple and a totally clueless photographer. . . .

It is hard to believe that this photograph was taken just five years ago. I had the bright idea of taking a picture of Jack Henry with a green apple. (I was looking at a lot of William Wegman books.) I knew then that I wanted to do something beyond the snapshot “here is my dog playing/eating/sitting/sleeping” formula. I just was not sure how I wanted to do it.  But you have to start somewhere and I also knew that what I really wanted to be doing was fine art photography, but incorporating a more painterly approach.

Dog with Apple

Here we are in 2016. Same dog but now two apples and a different table and a little better photography. (Also the studying of a lot of Northern Renaissance paintings) Jack Henry clearly liked being at the table, instead of on top of one. And thus began the Dog at the Table series.

Dog at the Table #1

A year later and Jack Henry with the help of some Photoshop magic now has a longer table and a few more apples. This was done for a competition called ArtPop! It was kind of a big deal because —

Dog at the Table #1 Billboard

ArtPop Billboard

the winners get their winning image on a billboard–for a year! The same image is also seen on digital billboards at the airport and in Uptown Charlotte news kiosks. But not to worry– Jack Henry is very modest about his new celebrity.

But Jack Henry was not done yet! Dog at the Table #2 never quite made the cut. (It was Jack Henry with a bowl of brussels sprouts). I know, I know.

So we moved on to #3-I know this was a post fairly recently, but Jack Henry insisted. 

Dog at the Table #3

Much to our delight, Dog at the Table #3 won a ribbon in a the juried competition at a local gallery and also picked up an Honorable Mention in the Still Life category for the 7th Annual MPA Awards which celebrates Mobile Photography in all its amazing forms. It has been a wonderful start to 2018, indeed.

Anything else Jack Henry?

Happy Boy

Good boy!

Today’s Dog Quote: 

‘You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed.”

–Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Images taken with Nikon D70, iPhone 4s, 5s and 7 Plus and processed using Photoshop, Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables and Retouch

For today: The Dog and the Apple

And a quick PS: for the time being, Little Dogs Laughed will be posting twice a month instead of every week. I hope we will be back posting on a weekly basis by early spring.


25 thoughts on “The Dog and An Apple

  1. I always knew that Jack Henry had star quality but know the whole world knows it. Congratulations on creating the beautiful image that put his mug up in lights. Actually, I think all of the apple photos are amazing; even the first.


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