Call to Freedom?

“No Hubble-you cannot have your own concert called ‘Free Hubble Now'”

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Rin Tin Tin did not need to be remembered in order to be happy; for him, it was always enough to have that instant when the sun was soft, when the ball was tossed and caught, when the beloved rubber doll was squeaked. Such a moment was complete in itself, pure and sufficient.”
― Susan Orlean

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For today: Free Hubble!

Free Me!

Free Me!


My Little Helper

I was working with some flowers I cut on the side yard this morning and up hopped my littlest helper-who then proceeded to eat some of the flowers-

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Slowly, Anna put up a hand to his muzzle and began to scratch that spot behind the ear where large dogs keep their souls.”
― Eva Ibbotson, A Countess Below Stairs

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For today: Flower Pup

Flower Pup

Flower Pup

From the Archives

Here is Hubble posing as a “good dog.” This is especially hilarious after the week we have had which has seen him tearing through the house, tearing up toys, terrorizing Anna and in general auditioning for a Halloween goblin.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
― Charles de Gaulle

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For today:  Three-Letter Word for Angel


A synonym for Angel

A synonym for Angel

With My Own Kind

Here he is-the king of punkin heads among his subjects-

While taking Jack Henry out for a walk we stopped by the church’s Pumpkin Patch where Jack paused for a few moments to bag some rays and some smiles-he also wants to remind all of his friends that this month is National Pit Bull Awareness Month with October 27th being National Pit Bull Awareness Day. So we will be trying to do our part in raising awareness about this amazing breed.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Dogs are lonesome creatures who needs a someone that will love him for eternity, Once they’ve found the one, He will protect it, believing that he is the only one who could accept him”
― Ammiel Josiah Monterde

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For today: My Punkin Head

Punkin Head

Punkin Head

Golden Girl

Meet Miss Josie-a seven year old golden rescue living with my friend Sara-her coat is a beautiful light color known as “champagne.” When working with her, Miss Josie made it clear that she was in charge-my friend assured me that normally, she is all about getting up on the couch and relaxing, but this afternoon, she was not having any of that-just the same, I managed to get a few pictures before she jumped off.

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Humans are aware of very little, it seems to me, the artificial brainy side of life, the worries and bills and the mechanisms of jobs, the doltish psychologies we’ve placed over our lives like a stencil. A dog keeps his life simple and unadorned.”
― Brad Watson, Last Days of the Dog-Men: Stories

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For today: Josie

Josie Glow

Josie Glow

Day’s End

We are back!

Fall is falling big time around here and Hubble has been very busy chasing squirrels, leaves, birds and whatever else appears in *his* yard-

I caught this just as he was getting ready to fall asleep in his crate-

Today’s Dog Quote:

“After we bring food home from the grocery store…Dogs must think we are the greatest hunters ever!”
― Ann Taylor

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Sleepin’ Head

Sleepy Head

Sleepy Head

Taking a Break

As some of you know who follow my daily blog Move the Chair, I have decided to take a break for the month of September. At the time, I thought I would continue posting to this blog-but after thinking about it, I have decided that the dogs and I are going to take a break this month as well. We will be back in October–ready to go on new adventures. Thanks to everyone who has stopped in, followed us and provided all kinds of encouragement-we appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

Today’s Dog Quote:

“Dogs are gonna take over the world. It’s a known fact for those who believe it, kinda like the Bible.”
― Mike Dirnt

One piece of exciting news has been that the following photograph which was featured here a few months back was chosen along with another iPhone image to be used in the exhibit “Expanding Vision: The Contribution of Mobile Photography at The Arts Center in Corvallis, Washington.  Last week, we found out that Hubble’s photograph was awarded a Jurors Choice Prize. So this week, small dogs definitely rock in the house!

The Relativity of Smallness

The Relativity of Small





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