Ghost Story

It has been awhile since we have visited the Little Dogs Laughed Book and Lunch Club. It looks like business as usual however . . .

A Spooktacular Story

A Spooktacular Story

Hubble: The ghost was hungry so he decided to make a sandwich . . . 

Bear: Wait a minute! That is SO NOT a part of the story! 

A Heated Discussion

A Heated Discussion

Rabbit: Why? Are you saying a ghost cannot eat a sandwich?

Bear: Oh for heaven’s sakes–are we really going to have this discussion? You are spending too much time with Hubble!

"I Can't See"

“I Can’t See”

 Ghost: I can’t see . . . 



Hubble: Aarrgh . . . ye landlubbers—shuts your traps so I can finish the story . . . 

Bear: Oh Hubble, you are about as much a pirate as I am a . . . 

Wolf: Not again! 



Bear: Can’t you see what he is doing? Why do we keep inviting him? 

Monkey: Well, he keeps showing up-what are we supposed to do? 

Rabbit: Besides he promised us these cool hats—how we can turn him down? 

Ghost: I can’t see . . . 

Rabbit (exasperated): then pull the sheet off!! 

Monkey: Cool hats?! Cool hats?! Does this look like a cool hat to you!!

Rabbit: Should have got here sooner Monkey . . . tough tickles!


A Stern Warning

A Stern Warning

Hubble: Arrggh . . . . Who wants to walk the plank?


A Pause in the Activities

A Pause in the Activities

Wolf: Who wants to trick or treat? 

Hubble: Smell my feet!! 

Toys: Oh no! That will make us all disappear!!


Happy Halloween everyone from all of us at Little Dogs Laughed!


Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed and PhotoToaster 

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